By Richard Lee Ph.D.


The shortest and most sensible method of studying a language is to understand the roots of it, that's, these unique primitive phrases from which different phrases are formed.

-- Lord Chesterfield

Columbia one thousand phrases you need to recognize for SAT offers a thousand most often proven phrases for SAT. you can find a hundred vocabulary-building classes in Books 1 – three. each one lesson comprises 10 new phrases and they're first offered to you with reminiscence suggestions; subsequent, New phrases are indexed in rhyming reminiscence teams and by way of pattern Sentences; the final a part of the lesson are Sentence crowning glory and Definition Matching perform exams with solutions. some of the most impressive gains of this ebook is that every new observe is repeated a minimum of 5 occasions in a lesson so you can have a higher probability to memorize it extra easily.

Columbia one thousand phrases you want to recognize for SAT is designed that will help you grasp all of the completely crucial SAT phrases utilizing our top-rated reminiscence process: A Roots and Rhyming reminiscence process. Let’s take the observe “aberration” for instance and notice how this fascinating new reminiscence process might actually help locate the shortest and top option to memorize new phrases and construct a wide vocabulary:

1. reminiscence information: Memorizing phrases with assistance from Roots, Prefixes, and Suffixes.

ion situation or motion; as aberration, ration, inflation, temptation, abbreviation

2. NEW phrases: New phrases are prepared in rhyming teams for simple memory.

aberration, ration, inflation, temptation, abbreviation

ABERRATION n. departure from what's correct or real rhyming sound -ation

3. pattern SENTENCES: pattern Sentences are given that will help you memorize phrases in context.

This complexity isn't an aberration or anything to be needed away, it's the new reality.

4. SENTENCE of entirety: Sentence final touch is designed that can assist you memorize phrases via tests.

The patient’s basically _____________ was once a brief lapse of memory.(aberration)

5. DEFINITION MATCHING: Definition Matching is designed that can assist you memorize phrases via repetition.

departure from what's correct or actual _________________________ (aberration)

In this instance, the repeated visual appeal of the notice “aberration” within the lesson makes it effortless that you can memorize. for that reason you will see that merely through repeated perform or reinforcement of a brand new notice below diversified conditions are you able to relatively memorize it so unconsciously that you're going to always remember. Human reminiscence, just like the subconscious, is established like a language. upon getting memorized a brand new observe, it's going to remain on your subconscious and develop into a part of your self. everytime you want it, it is going to come to you instantly like the plants coming within the spring: it really is usual!

Columbia one thousand phrases you need to understand for SAT is either a self-help booklet and a textbook for lecture room use. it's the in basic terms vocabulary e-book you'll ever have to grasp the main usually verified phrases at the SAT. if you happen to can spend approximately 25 mins an afternoon with this booklet, you are likely to support your self extend your vocabulary, increase your be aware energy, and lift your ranking at the SAT.


Unit 1

jocund, refund, rotund, moribund, rubicund
laborious, pernicious, avaricious, inauspicious, prejudicious

Unit 2

lacerate, suggest, consolidate, intimidate, precipitate
lambent, nascent, forthcoming, penitent, pertinent

Unit 3

lampoon, lagoon, monsoon, platoon, tycoon
largess, digress, duress, obsess, transgress

Unit 4

legion, fusion, precision, great quantity, introversion
lucrative, abortive, conducive, cumulative, diminutive

Unit 5

lull, boring, gull, null, skull
lurid, rid, acrid, forbid, rigid


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